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Explore the distillation column by immersing yourself in the 360° VR tour. See tour instructions below. If you need to navigate the tour using keyboard only, see Keyboard-accessible VR Tour.

Tour Instructions

Before you begin, note the following:

  • There are six panoramas in this tour. You can navigate to them by using the panorama icons within each panorama or clicking on the choose panorama icon in the control panel and choosing which panorama to view.
  • On each panorama you will find other hotspots such as links, videos, and information boxes. The links will take you to other pages of this website where information about the components is presented in detail.
  • To explore within a panorama you can click and drag the panorama to look around and scroll with your mouse to zoom in and out. You can also use the buttons in the contol panel.

Icon Legend

panorama icon


link icon

Link (opens in new tab)

video icon


information icon


zoom in icon

Zoom In

zoom out icon

Zoom Out

auto-rotate icon

Auto-rotate Panorama (click to start and pause rotation)

choose panorama/scene icon

Choose Panorama

full screen icon

Full Screen